"Surround yourself with purpose, on purpose, in order to start living your purpose." ~CB 

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I was 29 years old, living in the tiny back room of my dad’s row house in West Baltimore. It was the first time we had lived together since I was 8 years old. I was suffering from depression after failing out of law school and I felt like my life was in shambles.



I woke up early on a Friday, walked outside and realized my Jaguar had been repossessed. I was unemployed and had only $0.32 cents to my name.  The only way I even had health care was thanks to the Affordable Care Act.


At that time, I was attending a government-funded business planning and development class offered through unemployment. The program was created to help people with potential create a business strategy.


One day, my classmate—who had just started an online magazine—ran into class and said, “Crystal, I need you to go and interview some of the Baltimore Ravens for me…TONIGHT!”. It was in that moment of me saying YES…that my life changed forever!


My very first interview EVER was with a Super Bowl MVP. An interview that got over 80,000 views on YouTube and opened up the door to many other high-profile interviews, hosted by yours truly! Before I knew it, I was living my childhood dream of being like “the girls on BET” and not the video vixens. I always knew I had it in my heart, but it wasn’t until I got unstuck that I began to live my own

American Dream.  


Today, I am a  news writer and producer in the #1 media market in the nation, at the #1 Cable News Network in the world. I host a national podcast that is distributed to over 1300 stations nationwide; on top of being a self-published author and national speaker.


Living a life of purpose, passion and prosperity through media is something grander than I could have ever imagined when I was in that back room, on Irving Street,

lying in a pool of tears.


I couldn’t have done any of this work without mentors, friends, family and perfect strangers just like you! People who simply believed in my dream to inspire others using my God-given voice. Thank you for making my dreams– a reality.


On your journey to being inspired, always remember to surround yourself with purpose, on purpose in order to start living your purpose...then the rest is YOURSTORY to be experienced by the world.


Thank you & always #BeInspired,


Your Girl…CB!




Embrace. Ignite. Prosper. 

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